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Taking you from where you are to where you want to be

At Savvy Wealth we can help shape your financial future. We provide practical and prudent advice and services to grow and protect your wealth. But as a boutique independent financial advisory company, our best offering is time. We have lots of it for you.

Our client journey is a collaborative and customised solution, tailored perfectly to your needs and circumstances. Below we have outlined the typical investment planning journey our clients take. We may add or combine some meetings described to tailor our services to your needs.

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Dieter At Work

Dieter founded Savvy Wealth Limited in 2021.

He has enjoyed a successful career in a large financial services company in South Africa since 2007 in management positions and as an adviser.

After starting life as an accountant Dieter came to the realization that although he enjoys the numbers, he enjoys interacting with people more.

Dieter’s area of expertise is the linking of the “numbers” to the clients' personal goals, intentions and aspirations with the purpose of achieving those goals though evidence based investing and ongoing review.

Dieter At Home

Dieter has been happily married since July 2007 to his wife Suralda.

Dieter and his wife decided to make the move to New Zealand in 2018 with their dog Coco (the chiweenie).

He is passionate about rugby (As most retired front row forwards are) and enjoys giving back to the community as a volunteer debt coach at Christians Against Poverty.

The Power Of Professional Planning

The evidence is very clear – people who build a financial plan with a qualified adviser are significantly better off than those that do not.

A recent study by the New Zealand Financial Services Council found that, on average, people who receive professional financial advice:

  • Have 50% more in their KiwiSaver
  • Receive 4% better investment returns
  • Save 3.7% more of their earnings
  • Travel six times more frequently
  • Report twice the level of ‘financial wellbeing’
  • Report higher levels of general wellbeing

While it’s not always easy to appreciate the power of seemingly small percentages, an average 4% per annum increase in investment returns can make a life-changing difference over a period of years.

Wealth Management

Our holistic advice means you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals which will drive the plan which the portfolio is designed to deliver on.

KiwiSaver Assistance

Get help understanding your KiwiSaver account so you can choose the right provider and fund to work towards your retirement savings goals.

Retirement Planning

Savvy Retirement Planning helps people find the comfort, confidence and knowledge to enjoy retirement without worrying about money.


Investing In Futures

Saving You Time
Saving You Money
Putting You First

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